Satisfactory (17): New Iron Factory! (part 1)

After watching some Satisfactory youtube videos from the Nerd Parade channel I tried their factory concept. They use a small main bus system per row of constructors or assemblers . In other words, the input and output of materials is handled form the same conveyor stack. That way you can keep things nice and clean. … Read more

Satisfactory PRO TIPS by Nerd Parade!

If you want some inspiration on how to build your factory, take a look at the video below. It’s a video made by Nerd Parade. They give you a tour around their massive factory. I saw some nice tips and tricks that I will use rebuilding some of my factories.

For more video’s please go to: Nerd Parade: Satisfactory

Satisfactory (16): From Oil to Computers!

In the last few days I found several Oil locations. So I placed a pump on one of those to start the plastic production. Which is a requirement for manufacturing Computers & Circuit boards. So ofcourse I started the production of plastic asap and after that I built a Manufacturer to start the Computer production! … Read more