Cities Skylines: Cloverleaf Interchange in the City of Agir

Just a simple Cloverleaf Interchange in the City of Agir to connect to major highways to the outside world. It’s not the most efficient but it looks really nice with all the traffic and the city in the background. For more screenshots of my previous builds follow this link: Cities Skylines Screenshots Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines (4): Trains & a new Town

I’ve been playing for a while now but forgot to update the blog. So it’s time to update. I’ve added a new town to the map called Lynch Hills and the already existing is now called Elizabeth Heights. To connect both of the towns I also added two train stations so the Cims can travel … Read more

Cities Skylines (2): The little town is growing

So I’ve added some more residential and commercial zones to expand our little town. Also the need for industry was rising, so I added a new patch of industry zoning on the other side of the river. To make things a bit more interesting I have added forestry industry to export some logs and planed … Read more