Satisfactory Screenshots Fresh Start (10): Automated Encased Industrial Beams & Stators

Today I found out that you can only paint the concrete walls. So I added a row of concrete walls to my concrete factory and painted it in a custom color. Now I can call it complete! Maybe in the future I will add some more eye-candy to this factory.
After that I wanted to automate the Encased Industrial Beams and Stators so I can grab them when i need to. Furthermore I also want to progress with the Space Elevator so I need to automate the production of the motors. This is the first step towards that.
To get the resources to this new factory I built a skybridge from my steel production plant. That way it will not interfere with the tractor that runs the coal to the coal power plants.
Next I will try to automate the motors production and rebuild the Space Elevator!

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